Cardcaptor Sakura – episodes 59 to 65

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Cardcaptor Sakura really has proved to be a labour of love. It’s going to be sad to see it go. That can be said of most series, but it’s a very powerful feeling in this one.

The three member team for investigating the “strange occurrences” works well, and a nice side effect of Shaoran admitting to himself that he has feelings for Sakura is that it allows him to develop a friendship with Tomoyo. Again, Tomoyo proves herself as an emotional rock, but one has to wonder if it’s going to cause her sorrow in later life.
This comes up when Meilin returns so that Shaoran can give her a very important message. The way that she takes it is great because she runs a full spectrum of emotions. When they culminate at Tomoyo’s house, it’s very, very strong. It was nice to see her back, and it’s only in her return you realise that she’s been gone for so long. Physically it’s only been 17 episodes, but there was a season between them.
It was nice to see her again, but unless she’s somehow worked into the final events, I don’t think Meilin will return.

It’s also nice to see the MIRROR card again, and again to see Toya treating it like a person and taking care of it. Toya has been at his peak in this season, because of his need to talk to Yukito and the fact that it’s entirely clear that he knows about Kero-chan and everything. Perhaps not the explicit details, but enough. His scene with Yue was one of the most powerful there ever has been. There were true moments of beauty here, because it has been a very distressing time.

One of the funniest inventions of Cardcaptor Sakura as a whole was Yamazaki and his elaborate lies. This has reached another level because of the tag team lies with Eriol. Unrehearsed, yet still in perfect synch. They are truly hilarious scenes, and even Chiharu doesn’t know what to do in the situation. When she’s at a loss with Yamazaki, you know you’re in trouble.
Kero-chan has been in a period of underuse yet again, but this time it is entirely excusable because Sakura has become sufficiently independent to credibly fight for herself. With only five episodes left, it’s uncertain if anything will actually come of Spinel Sun, but the scenes with Eriol in his den have always been fun.

My one hope is that Cardcaptor Sakura will have some kind of epilogue. One wants to know what becomes of these characters when they’re older!

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