Nana – episode 20

September 13, 2006 on 12:17 am | In Nana | 3 Comments

Hachi, why must you make bad decisions? Why must you fill the emptiness in your life with consumerism and celebrity dreams? Because they are within your grasp, and you are a victim of the disease befalling modern society.

Poor girl.

Hachi reacts with jealousy and disappointment when she realises that Yasu once dated Reira. She goes out to get liquor with Nobu and bonds, then she drinks too much, then she realises that Shin is a gigolo, then she gets fired. This emptiness that is inside her, she realises how she can fill it, and most serendipitously: Takumi is the answer.

I am now willing to freely admit that I get annoyed each time that Hachi thinks that she has feelings for one of the members of BLAST or Trapnest. It just seems strange, like she’s some sort of limpet. She thinks that love will fill the emptiness, but it’s not love if she has to force it.

Can we really be surprised that with this shoddy attitude to life, she was fired from her publishing firm? I was actually a bit surprised that Sakagami had won, but I can’t blame her: much as I like Hachi as a person, if she was working under me I would kick her out.
Hachi doesn’t really operate on logical lines, asking Nobu if he has a girlfriend only moments after discovering that he has imagined several virtual girlfriends to give himself the illusion of love within reach. The narration reveals that it’s clear that she has registered what he’s said, but what her mouth says doesn’t back that up.

As of yet I have no stance on Hachi getting with Takumi. I liked the idea when it was innocent, but as a void filler I’m not too keen on it. Let’s see if Hachi will crash and burn; what we’ve already learned is that the lives of Shouji, Jun-chan and Kyosuke are forfeit. Hooray for bands!


  1. Given the way she narrates in the manga, it doesn’t sound like Hachi has had much of a happy ending in the future. She doesn’t appear to have changed much from the spoiled little girl she was back in Volume 1; superficial to the end, with barely any empathy because of her self-centered nature. She’s willing to be used and tossed aside, if need be, in order to feel ‘needed’ for that short period, rather than consider the effects it might have on her later on… or on those around her.

    She’s probably a perfect example of a modern, mindless consumer, really. 😉

    Comment by Haesslich — September 13, 2006 #

  2. I love Nana Osaki more. I don’t really respect Hachi so much because of the way she’s so submissive, especially to men. She basically has no backbone. But I can say some good things about her, but Nana O. is my one true love! 🙂

    Comment by NANAFANGIRL4ETERNITY — May 28, 2007 #

  3. Maledetto il giorno in cui takumi è entrato nella vita di quella stupida e ingenua di hachi….
    Il mio piccolo Nobu ne soffrirà moltissimo….sigh sigh
    se solo Hachi nn fosse così stupida..

    Comment by Hachico — July 4, 2007 #

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