Digimon Savers – episode 14

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“Ikuto, the Digimon Boy
The forest’s keeper, Jureimon”

I think that people underestimate how much the dialogue in Digimon Savers sticks. It’s jingoistic and designed to fire you up, in a good way.

This episode offers such gems as “I want to believe in those children and their unlimited potential”, which is nowhere near as good as this:

Nothing’s impossible for a man when he’s put his entire soul into his fist!

If you can write better than that, I don’t want to know about it.

Spoilers: What is Masaru’s father’s secret?

The DATS team goes to the Digital World, upon learning that Masaru’s father, Daimon Suguru, was the leader of an expedition that ended with his failure to return.
The new mission is to kick Mercurimon around and find Daimon Suguru in the process!

The DATS team’s high tech equipment is remarkably eighties in its look, which I suppose is okay because technology used for exploring other worlds should be out of date so that there are less hazards. Taking analogue equipment into the digital world makes sense after a fashion.

The Digital World itself is a mixed bag, with Falcomon’s evolution Peckmon looking good only from certain angles. In the others, he just looks like a stupid ostrich ninja. As for his partner, Ikuto, he has to come from somewhere. Where do you get a kid with a Digivice in the Digital World? All I can say is that he had better not be the secret child of Suguru, or I will be angry! Now that this has become a “father son reunion” anime, there had better not be all sorts of emotional twists and turns that don’t let Masaru catch a break!
Actually, I probably do want that.

Next episode is Touma’s chance to get a new Digital Soul. Until then we can reflect on the split factions within the Digital World! Everyone hates each other! There isn’t a Digital Dictatorship! Essentially, good times all around. I legitimately like Digimon Savers.

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