Digimon Savers – episode 12

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“I will protect Chika! Piyomon’s Resolve”

With the introduction of an ultra villain Digimon, Digimon Savers proves that it loves me. I call it the “Aww yeah” factor.

Mild spoilers

Touma somehow comes to the conclusion that commission of the seven deadly sins brings digimon into the real world.
A digitama appears at Masaru’s house, hatches into Puwamon and eventually becomes Piyomon. This naturally leads to Piyomon teaming up with Chika, and Chika’s family not wanting her to go into battle with DATS.
The excitement comes in Falcomon chasing down Piyomon on behalf of Mercurimon, the glorious and mysterious “main villain” of Digimon Savers.

It takes a special sort of writer to give me everything that I want in an episode of something, and the writers of Digimon Savers are now ticking all of the boxes to unleash excellent developments on their audience. That may sound like they’re coming out formulaic, but this is anything but the case.
The revelation that Masaru’s father left the Daimon family due to Digimon was excellent; the fact that Sayuri was so familiar with Captain Satsuma had me practically melting on the floor with excitement.

From all of this, I have drawn the conclusion that “Ikuto”, referred to in passing by Gotsumon and Mercurimon, is Masaru’s father. If this holds true, then Mercurimon will be, rather than “evil”, “morally conflicted” foe. The moral dilemma parts of any Digimon saga are always the best, which is why Digimon Frontier fell apart somewhat at the end.

As to the episode itself, referring explicitly to the actions contained within, I like the idea of Chika being part of DATS. She’s not in the OP to that capacity, and I’m not sure if that’s to hide a spoiler or if she is legitimately not going to be one of them.
Piyomon (whom you may recall was Sora’s partner in the Digimon Adventure series) is much taller than I recall and is a boy. No male digimon should be that pink!
The only indication of the gender of Piyomon is that Masaru says that theirs is a “fight between men”.

Which is a good segue to the fighting: “aniki’s fists are crying!”. Yes, it is a noble battle to protect the honour of Chika. Masaru certainly does not want to have to punch the heckfire out of Piyomon, but he must so that Chika will be safe from all of the battling and digital politics and digital battle politics.
Something struck me about the evolution, though, and in my notes I took note of the following: “it’s boring if you don’t have to fulfil any perameters to get the damned digimon evolving”. Which is true. That’s why it’s good that Masaru has to punch Digimon in order to get by, but why it’s so very lame that Touma and Yoshino can do whatever they want.
I’ll admit that the Digimon are pretty much one trick ponies – evolve, then beat their opponent – and that’s exactly why we have to have these hoops to get through.
The “solution” to that problem is to kick an “unbeatable” Digimon into the equation, and that’s what they’ve done here. The previews for the episodes are really well made, and I can see Risegreymon will be in the next episode.
I have one word for that: moeruzou!

Digimon Savers is becoming that really enjoyable anime I was talking about back in the day. It’s not without its faults, of course, but it’s shaping up to be pretty awesome Digimon. That’s all that I want, really.

Plus, Agumon’s protests of idolatry where genuinely funny. Real humour. Real Digimon. This is Digimon Savers.

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