Digimon Savers – episode 10

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“The Worst Day of Masaru’s Life
Soulmon the Prankster”

The ancient battle of man versus tanker is settled once and for all in this stirring episode of Digimon Savers.

Touma invites Chika, Masaru and Agumon over for lunch. Strangely, Gaomon doesn’t get to eat …
Anyway, Masaru’s classlessness embarrasses Chika and she says that she wishes many unfortunate events would befall him. Soulmon responds to her call with disastrous results and a good pun about chopsticks.

This is a different take on the Faustian deals with Digimon: unlike the last two cases, Chika didn’t harness Soulmon’s abilities; Soulmon took advantage of the desire that was held. Fortunately this indicates that Digimon Savers is growing its main story now, so we might even get a Digivillain and Digiredemption and all of the other Digi stuff that we’ve come to like over the years. I’ll look into how long this series is going to be; I’m not actually sure whether it should be over 26 or not. If it introduces a story and doesn’t lose steam like Digimon Frontier did, it should be fine.

Truly the greatest thing about this episode was the power of science, with Touma giving a spray to Masaru made of “particles that react with the Digimon’s molecular make up”, thus rendering them visible. Or it could have just been an aerosol, Touma! DATS developing such technology is quite similar to someone developing, say, shark repellent. Don’t go on the open sea without it!

While I think that the Digimon just turning into larger versions of themselves rather than evolving is distinctly lame, I’m rather enjoying Digimon Savers. It is no secret that I want it to turn into a great big story like seasons past, but as it stands it’s entertaining enough.

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