Coyote Ragtime Show – episode 4

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“The days that have passed by”

The strange references popping up in anime all over the place continue in this episode of Coyote Ragtime Show, with an inescapable bank vault compared to the Hotel California (“you can check out any time you like but~ you can never leave!”)
Otherwise it’s a heist episode that proves that criminals are only in it for love of the game when they could so easily be leading “real” jobs with their genius.

Blues’ glass eye tells the tale of his robbery of Central Bank’s vault, Giga Banks. To reach that end, he worked as a top executive there for a year.

It becomes clear very early on that all of these plans are simple matters of “let’s do this so that we can say that we’ve done it”. Blues is talented enough to claim a high position in a bank and, if the future is anything like Australia of today, bank executives get paid extremely handsomely. His plot to break into Giga Banks is therefore extreme bravado and involves placing Swamp in a security guard’s role (how that guy ever passes for incognito, I’ll never know) and hiring some guy who goes by the extemely dubious name of “D’Bony”.

Despite several weird things, like Swamp having all of his best meetings with Blues while Blues is partaking of a spa (or jacuzzi, if you will), this is a highly enjoyable episode that proves that this program does not need the sisters to get ahead. Let’s just ignore the fact that in the future they keep all of the money in a centralised, physical space and focus on the wild vault jumping adventures. Fun is maximised in this fashion.

In summary, inside every pirate is an investment banker waiting to burst free.

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