Ouran High School Host Club – episode 14

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“Interview the famous host club”

Before I get to this episode, I’d like to point out this lengthy comment left about the the controversial pivotal event of episode eight. I don’t agree with all of the sentiments expressed but I think it’s worth airing.

Now, to days of news and roses! Maladjusted club presidents destroying the school at large!

The Ouran newspaper club has a circulation of two and is in danger of being dissolved by the end of the semester. Upon realising that the Host Club sells, they decide to write an article on them. The club strikes a deal with Kyouya but Komatsuzawa, the president of the club, has it in for Tamaki and aims to throw the school into turmoil with a scandalous article!

In Komatsuzawa we have a man doomed to become a hikkikomori. Such a fellow cannot operate in polite society! He has no concept of human relations, instead relying on the threat of business deals to control people. He’s a villain who’s not even sympathetic because he’s just a petty, jealous little man. The other club members are simple examples of club sheep and are neither here nor there.

The jokes, on the other hand, are funny as one might expect them to be. It was great that Renge has produced a club doujinshi, and it was fitting that in the Heian era cosplay Haruhi was dressed as Genji. Genji is, of course, traditionally played in films and an on stage by women.

So the villains may suck and the jokes are good, but the Club is where it’s at. We get some revelations about Tamaki’s childhood and see why everyone gathers around him. I particularly liked the shot of him getting Mori on side: it’s a wordless scene of them giving each other the thumbs up. I can imagine it happening exactly like that. The other characters in the montage would have taken slightly more persuasion, but all Mori needs is a thumb.

Ouran High School Host Club: the only place on Earth that I will accept the word “moe“.


  1. ya great episode but i would like to know more about tamaki’s character. is he that dumb not to realise the newspaper club chairman’s true intentions?

    Comment by ly — August 9, 2006 #

  2. i want to know why he got Haruhi to the school i still dont get that….

    Comment by Laila — August 26, 2006 #

  3. This is one of my fave

    Comment by eduarda — May 8, 2007 #

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