Work is the death of creativity; the workplace is the Return of Superman

June 30, 2006 on 12:33 am | In Site News | 4 Comments

I’ve watched Digimon Savers and Ouran High School Host Club but have not had the time to write anything about them yet. I’ll share three of my notes from the latest Ouran High School Host Club with you, though:


That’s some Ouran for ya right there.

Tonight I saw Superman Returns, which was something near brilliance. It was filmed in the streets surrounding my office, so I could recognise a good deal of the locations. The Metropolis Hospital was directly opposite my office (to the point that you could actually see Lois Lane walking in front of my building), and there was a geographically hilarious car chase which began midway through Martin Place (one street behind my office, and coincidentally where my previous office was and where the “woman in the red dress” sequences from The Matrix were filmed), and ended, after a trip through some streets, at the top of Martin Place.
Don’t even get me started on the earthquake in O’Connell Street – that’s where I buy my candy from! Superman Returns was kind of like going to work for me, except with more explosions and less fatigue.
Anyone else who lives in a big city might be thinking “beh, I recognise locations from my city all the time and don’t care a hoot about it”. When I watch Australian films (what very few there are), I don’t care about the locations. When I watch a film allegedly set in America, or a fantasy version thereof, it’s fun to recognise actual places.

So stop watching anime for a second and go out and make Brandon Routh rich and forgive Bryan Singer for his crappy X-Men aesthetic: he’s finally getting the hang of CG without overblowing it.


  1. Wow, i wasn’t aware that one of the bloggers listed on the Antenna was also from Australia ^^

    Wasn’t Martin Place blocked off for filming though or something as i remember hearing something like that while being in the city. Or do they see that you have to go through to get to work so they let you in? ^^

    Comment by Maiku — June 30, 2006 #

  2. There are actually several Australians in the community!
    The Martin Place scenes were filmed at night, so no problem there. The Wynyard scenes were shot on a weekend, so the businesses would not have suffered much from a blockage (especially as the parts being filmed aren’t particularly commercial).

    Comment by Alex — June 30, 2006 #

  3. I keep forgetting you’re an Aussie! Haven’t seen Superman, but location-spotting during The Matrix was fun. (I was in town the day they filmed the helicopter scenes; they had three black helicopters flying low over the CBD.)

    Comment by Pixy Misa — July 3, 2006 #

  4. Yes! I am Stealth Australian! Superman Returns really is quite good though, for more than the locations alone.

    Comment by Alex — July 4, 2006 #

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