Kiba – episode 12

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“The advance towards truth”

Seriously, every time Dumas appears on screen to talk to anyone I imagine that he is saying “your resistance only serves to make my penis harder!”

Needless to say, it is now physically impossible to take Kiba at anything approaching a serious level.

Lady MacBeth Dumas tells Rebecca that marrying her will erase the stain of his heritage because everyone loves royalty. Meanwhile Elda leaves Zed to fight some sort of lizard monster thing so that he can gain power while being lectured by a blindingly white old man.

We get a lot of Dumas this episode. In this stupid crown of his, his watchability ranking goes down incalculably. On top of that, his name is “Schuramix”, one of the stupidest names in human record. I hope Robes stabs Dumas to death soon: this show can have only one vainglorious showpony, and it may as well be the sane one who I can actually stomach the presence of.

On the Zed front, we get the incongruity of his accusing Elda of being anti-social. Then we get “teenaged philosophy”, which is always capable of defeating the “logic” and “ancient laws” passed down since “time immemorial”. Teenagers are our future, you know. I was one once, but I didn’t get to affect change. Curse my planned obsolescence!

This episode of Kiba was just stupid enough to err on the side of not being dropped. I also took the time to notice that the three power leaders of Jimoto have different obscurities: Hugh has his mouth covered, Graujio his ears, and the woman her eyes. Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. The Kiba staff are wily!

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