Rescue Wings – episode 9

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“Journey of a Young Boy (part 2)”

The complaints that I had about the failure to reveal Yoshioka’s character became irrelevant as I realised the excellent subtlety and understatement that went towards creating his family situation.
I’ve got a rescue question about this story, but otherwise it’s fine.

Uchida realises that the local fire department don’t really know much about saving people from ropeway gondolas, so he takes matters into his own hands. With the assistance of Yoshioka Satoru, nothing will stop the SDF from saving the day!

This is just the conclusion to the story given in the previous episode and provides no surprises other than the realisation that one has come to know Yoshioka well despite his lack of dialogue. A few visual cues from the director have fleshed out a boy who has had issues with his father since his mother’s death: that their reconciliation occurs at the end without any exchange of words beyond “are you hungry?” speaks of the expert nature with which this situation has been handled.

We also get to sort out some of the other characters: step-mother making good natured attempts to win over her reluctant step-son; old married couple remaining ever in love (or something: they weren’t really that important); and girlfriend realising that her showy boyfriend isn’t as tough as he appears but coming to appreciate him in a different light through the experience.

This is perhaps the most stereotypical of Rescue Wings‘ stories so far, but it’s fine: some of the material on offer here is somewhat inspirational, so I’m still digging it.

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