Ouran High School Host Club – episode 9

June 5, 2006 on 11:31 pm | In Ouran High School Host Club | 11 Comments

“Lobelia Girls’ Academy Challenge”

Good lord, my head exploded during this episode. I was derailed by one particularly insane, brilliant joke (Heil, Zuka Bu!) and was lost to the world for the rest of the ride.
Ironic homophobia is funny!

The Lobelia Girls’ Academy comes to visit Ouran High for their cultural festival. Their Zuka Club (a take on the all female Takarazuka troupe, naturally) rallies against the condescending attitudes that the Host Club holds towards women, and they try to claim Haruhi for themselves.

What can truly be said about an episode in which women get dressed up as Nazis and hail femininity with “onna” in place of the swastika? Nothing, that’s what!
But here goes! I think that the “onna dakara” (“I’m only a woman, after all”) is a rather dangerous and lousy sentiment. I’m with the Zuka club on that point. Then their femininity goes too far! They detest men as worms! They want to claim back Haruhi for themselves. They are, in fact … (to some degree) lesbians! GASP! This led to an excellent attack from Tamaki, who claimed the age old “Adam and Eve” defence. Ignoring the fact that his club gets off on twincest and is, in fact, the single gayest grouping in the universe that does not actually involve sexual preference … well! I think it’s a marvellous turning of the fact that many homophobes get off on lesbians but the fact that two guys might kiss makes them homicidal. Tamaki is such an outrageous character, of course, that we all know he means nothing about it.
If the group was hitting on another girl, he wouldn’t care. It’s a clear cut case of “papa” caring for his “daughter”. In that he wants to make out with her after being caught in several compromising positions. It’s also worth noting that the Host Club was freaked out by the lesbian advances on Haruhi, with the exception of Mori (who looked nonplussed as always) and Honey (who was right into it! You go, bunny boy!).

This leads to the brilliant conclusion of gender transcending proportions. Truly, the Host Club is the stupidest gathering of people in the universe that does not actually involve a gauge of intellect. Worth noting amongst all of the hilarity is that Mori was really getting into his Takarazuka get up.

My brain probably took about five years off of its life simply through comprehending the bananas and freneticism of this episode. Truly, it is the work of geniuses. Geniuses descended from on high, bearing gifts of delicious homoerotica for the unsuspecting masses.


  1. Is that a screencap of Mori smiling?! I think this is the first episode of this rare occasion and I doubt anymore will come. He’s just too cool.

    Comment by Os — June 6, 2006 #

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  3. Yeah; I’m totally gay for Mori.

    Comment by Alex — June 6, 2006 #

  4. *hearts everywhere* The Hitachiin twins are the best. Yay for homosexual twincestuous relationships that may [or may not] exist!!!!!

    Comment by Phaenilix — August 17, 2006 #

  5. That was a hilaroius episode. Hurray for Tamaki, he’s the best especially when he goes into the corner!

    Comment by Hikari — October 8, 2006 #

  6. in certain episodes, Mori-sempai gives Haruhi this small smile (so sweet) and yet I’m the only who seems to think that he has a slight crush on her…
    PS can Hikaru and Kaoru BE any cooler?!

    Comment by Ceri 4 mori — January 27, 2007 #

  7. OMG I love this series ^.^ I don’t know if it is the story line….or the boy love… or….WAIT! Of course its because of the BOY LOVE!!! YAOI IS MY ANTI DRUG WEEEEEE! I am downloading the torrent for this entire series. But it gets kinda sexually frusterating because I want to see more “action” especially between the twins *blushes* And for some reason I wish that Haruhi was a guy…..that would be so much hotter!

    Comment by sangojap — February 22, 2007 #

  8. OMG!!! the Hitachiin twins are SSOOOO CUTE together! Yaoi is so awsome.

    Comment by megan — March 18, 2007 #

  9. i watched this anime series eversince the first year it was released, big thanks to my brother who bought the cd, at a very low price.. thanks my bro.. and.. tamaki souo is one of the best bishounen ive ever known..

    Comment by sugar — April 7, 2007 #

  10. are they playing pokemon on the gameboy? lol it looks like it

    Comment by Holly — April 29, 2007 #


    I’m glad they like Nintendo. Though their version is old.


    They have money, they should get the latest models before it even comes out…I did

    Yes, I got my lite early…

    Sexy twins ~drools~ Nice hats though.

    Comment by SamWhipps — August 2, 2007 #

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