Zegapain – episode 5

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“Deja Vu”

I like that, in modern terms, the world that people escape to feel more important than anyone else is … the internet. But what if the internet was your real life, and the mundanity of education and work was virtual reality?
The ramifications are mind boggling!

Kyo’s memories begin to scramble, and he relives pivotal moments from his past. In this way one can learn precisely what he did to anger his swim team (he beat up a referee at a tournament, thus disqualifying his school), and also that time changes “Kyou-chan no baka” to “Kyou-chan arigatou”.

This is generally a tangential episode dealing with the nature of memory and the recovery thereof. How do you let someone know the truth if you had him a world and say “this is reality”? Our friends at Celebrant are far too reticent with their details which works as a mystery for the audience (that I appear to have part cracked), but is not plausible for Kyo to get by with.

When I say I’ve cracked the mystery, don’t think I’m bragging: this is one of those series where a teacher’s lecture will give all important information about the nature of the world in which the characters live in. It is, however, marginally clever to give Kyo the “butterfly dreamer” course in addition to the “atomic theory” line.
In this way, SUNRISE can keep their options open and pull a fast one on us, to reduce all of my hypotheses to a simple “son of a bitch, foiled!” reaction.

Okay, I’m spent. We’ve got the introduction of Abyss, a humanoid fellow who works for the enemies and retires more replicants celebrants than any other fiend out there in the skies!
Fly, butterfly dreamers! Fly for everlasting peace!

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