Kiba – episode 9

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“After the fight is over”

Some questions are answered and the door is open for new lands to be attacked and conquered.

Dumas fails because Aruil Gaoul won’t let just anyone command him. The Jimotoan rebels transport Princess Rebecca to Tempura, where she meets
Zed. After several convolutions, they decide to travel back to Jimoto and destroy the new government/beat up Dumas.

It turns out that teleportation is possible through the use of five blue shards. It is unclear if these blue shards are one use objects, but I will hazard saying that they are. Only a small hemisphere can be transported at one point so, unless you’ve poisoned an entire town, they’re not effective for organising large scale raids.

Robes’ plan for Zed – to send him on a series of fetch quests in the finest tradition of unimaginative RPGs – is tragically cut short when the writers decide to make the plot advance at a reasonable clip. Poor Robes: he never gets things his way.

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know what I think of Kiba right now. I had no strong reactions to this episode except for this: the Jimoto crest, born into its most noble of nobility, is a large Z emblazoned on the hand.
Oh my! A Z! Whatever could this mean?!

By the way, if this looks like a pointless post, it matches the episode: here for completeness’ sake.

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