Nana – episode 7

May 28, 2006 on 1:54 am | In Nana | 3 Comments

Check this out! It’s Nana, episode 2! That which entranced me about the first episode finally returns!

Jun and Shouji respond negatively to Pink Nana’s announcement that she is moving in with Black Nana.

I really get the feeling from this show that Jun does not really like Pink Nana that much at all. Almost everything that she says to Pink Nana is mean, and she appears to have absolutely no faith in her friend.
Shouji, by contrast, appears now to have genuine feelings for Pink Nana and concern for her welfare. Any coldness that he may have felt before appears to have been the result of culture shock, which has worn off in a short time.

Pink Nana got her own share of foolishness, sitting around until late at night waiting for Shouji to come home to her. As she said herself, a lot of things worry her: her friendship with Jun; her relationship with Shouji; her ability to land a job. The thing that has not worried her is moving in with Black Nana.
This is the greatest strength of Pink Nana in my mind: sheer enthusiasm when she feels a situation warrants it. I get a lot of joy from watching the expressions on Pink Nana’s face during the episodes, and she had a reaction to just about every situation on offer here. When you like a character like this, and her insecurities seem less stupid than they did before, you can have good times.

Basically, Pink Nana need not worry; she and Sachiko are enough for Shouji. That’s some good stuff.


  1. NANA RULEZZZ… PERIOD! I’d say more, but mere words aren’t enough! 🙂

    Comment by NANAFANGIRL4ETERNITY — May 28, 2007 #

  2. L’incontro tra nana e hachi è bellissimo…è da quì k è iniziato tutto…ed è qui k tutto si ricollega….!!!mitica ai yazawa
    W Nobu!!!

    Comment by Hachico — July 4, 2007 #

  3. I think Jun really loves Hachi, but knows that she needs tough love. Cuz really, if Jun wasn’t there who would keep Hachi in line?

    Comment by Rochelly — July 16, 2007 #

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