Yakitate!! Japan desu yo! – episode 63

May 21, 2006 on 11:23 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 4 Comments

“Seaweed Bread Showdown!! A really famous person is going to appear, you know!”

All of “Yakitate!! 9″‘s rules are thrown out of the window in order to make things more interesting. As Kawachi says “isn’t this just like those old game shows where they cheated the contestants?”. It is indeed.
Clearly an impartial third party should have created the format of this television show.

The next challenger for the St. Pierre team is Norihei Miki, the mascot of Mamoya, one of Japan’s biggest food companies! Pantasia realises that they are in trouble when their destination’s specialty is seaweed, the panel that was chosen was a star panel and, because of previously undisclosed rules, St. Pierre can claim five panels with a win.
Yep, trouble.

I liked this episode despite the fact that it was crooked; I’m just enjoying the sensation of finding Yakitate!! Japan worthwhile again. Nothing much else to say, other than that it was a mighty reaction this time around, breaking more walls than ever before.

Oh, wait, how could I forget the incredible “Radio GaGa” homage! You impress me, Yakitate!! Japan, with your incredibly esoteric and far-reaching references!


  1. I am interested if the reaction is true. Were the manga, TV schedules etc really Yakitate Japan desuyo?

    Comment by tj han — May 22, 2006 #

  2. A cartoon about bread, and it’s still going after 63 episodes?

    I got bored half-way through the first ep, as I recall.

    Comment by Pixy Misa — May 23, 2006 #

  3. The time for scepticism relating to Yakitate!! Japan was December 2004, good sir. I think I made a good case for it some months back.

    I like how this is suddenly a “cartoon”, though.

    Comment by Alex — May 23, 2006 #

  4. Well, it is a cartoon. About bread.

    I may well have missed something; as I said, I watched the first episode and just wasn’t interested. Presumably it picked up after that.

    Comment by Pixy Misa — May 24, 2006 #

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