Yakitate!! Japan – episode 62

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“The sibling showdown!! The first-class man chosen by dad!”

Kuroyanagi does not die, thanks to Tsutsumi’s love of cooking. The result was partially unexpected, too.

Tasting proceeds after Kanmuri devises the greatest culinary plan the world has ever known.

Hashiguchi’s role in this episode as the person to whom Tenchou can exposit was okay, but his lack of a mouth really freaked me out. It works slightly different when you’re animated, fellows, but I suppose that his lack of a mouth may have symbolised his lack of knowledge of the culinary world.

The jokes in this episode were good, with Hashiguchi telling his underlings “Didn’t I always tell you not to meaninglessly beat up innocent civilians?”
When explaining the reaction, which no one can understand, Tenchou yelled at everyone “I’m not speaking of something remotely close to reality!”
Yakitate!! Japan left reality a long, long time ago, and it can get away with all sorts of fourth wall work: the land of culinary skill truly is another dimension.

Finally, my predictions were incorrect. That’s nice every once in a while. I’m kind of cheating because I’ve already seen the next episode, but “Yakitate!! 9” is going to get a bit arbitrary after all of this.

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