Kiba – episode 7

May 18, 2006 on 10:30 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 7

“Awakened thoughts”

I could not bring myself to dislike this episode, despite the fact that it’s almost cemented Robés as a “No! My beautiful face!” character. Zedd must be okay after all.

Zedd draws blood and loses to Robés, who celebrates by going out on the town and robbing people in the guise of No Face. Meanwhile, Jimoto hosts blood sports!

You can judge a nation by the way it hosts its blood sports. Now, in my ideal world, if there were a nation where the penalty for losing a Pokémon battle was being tossed into a fire, I would choose not to train my Pokémon in that nation (yes, my dream career is Pokémon Trainer). Likewise, being a shardcaster in Jimoto sucks: not only is it one hit kills, but your opponent kicks you into an inferno when you lose.
Where I come from, that’s called homicide.

I don’t know who the Jimotoan Shard Champions are, but already I don’t like them: they look stupid! But, if Kiba can somehow tie in Tempura, Jimoto and Neotopia, perhaps it can become genuine compelling.
As for Robés? What a boring fellow. Next week he gets tortured, though, so … score!

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