Scarab healed your wounds! – episode 7

May 18, 2006 on 10:20 pm | In Suzumiya Haruhi | 1 Comment

“Mystérique Sign”

I no longer care that they didn’t immediately conclude the “Remote Island Syndrome” story, because this was infinitely better. It’s not so much a side story as it is an actual complement to the series, and hey! Look at this! Haruhi isn’t the heroine after all!

The president of the computer club has gone missing, and it’s up to the SOS Brigade to find him!

From a story perspective, this episode was most enjoyable: Yuki reveals more of herself or, more accurately, shrouds herself in more mystery, Itsuki gets to perform geniusly named attacks, and Mikuru gets to shake Kyon’s legs in abject terror.
Haruhi, on the other hand, doesn’t get a word in: her ignorance of such matters makes her bearable.

Less enjoyable about this show is that, were it not for his narration, Kyon would be a non-character. I wish that just once he would express his thoughts to his comrades, rather than simply observing and spitting on their ideas.
Bloody cynical milquetoasts; if I wasn’t to afraid to rise above the status quo, I’d kick their faces in!

Oh, yeah, final judgement: entertaining and informative.

1 Comment

  1. While this episode seemed to make a lot things more apparent, it only gave me more questions… and I have a few beliefs as to why Miruki is so useless (for the time being) but they’re only half serious… If you’re wondering about my conclusions, click my website link. >.>

    Comment by Ace — May 20, 2006 #

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