Evangelion 10th Anniversary Boxset: 10 years all over again!

May 18, 2006 on 9:51 am | In Evangelion | 9 Comments

Anime News Network brings the news that ADV is releasing a special tenth anniversary collection of Evangelion in August. Now, call me crazy, but I could have sworn that Renewal of Evangelion (here Evangelion Platinum) was extensively marketed in Japan as the tenth anniversary collection. I distinctly recall reading in NewType, two years ago, reminiscinces of how great Evangelion was back in the day. The tenth anniversary was based not on its airing date, but from the beginning of the production cycle.
GAiNAX didn’t just restore Evangelion for kicks, nor did I replace my original DVDs with Platinum for kicks.

So now we’ve got some sort of false commemoration to wring more money out of this poor franchise. With a $250US price tag, this collection had better be made of solid gold or something, because that’s a huge price to gauge out of people for something they already own a billion times over (you could buy a Wii for that!). Poor Shinji: you’ll get your rest some day.


  1. Your freakin’ kidding me?


    Any warm and fuzzies I had for ADV has been eroded. Could this be because of the live action film that was suppose to come out? Maybe the film is gonna be released soon? Or is that project dead?

    And I was just thinking of getting the Platinum edtion to replace my VHS and bad imports …

    Comment by daRAT — May 18, 2006 #

  2. This is so blatatanly underhanded its not even funny, with PS3, Wii, and Halo 3 bumping up the 360 few fans would go that far. I hope the lack of sales puts them into the red for this atrocity, highway robbery right before the introduction of the next gen consoles. Its bad enough Sony is offering the real deal at a high price. How dumb do they think we are anyway?

    Comment by Crusader — May 18, 2006 #

  3. Evangelion is my favorite series but enough is enough. For God’s sake, we just got the PLatinum version no more than three years ago! I seriously thought this was a joke when my friend first told me about it, but I guess it’s not. No wonder so many people jump on the Eva hater bandwagon — it’s virtually being shoved down everyone’s throats!

    I bought the VHS version. I bought the Perfect Collection, and then I bought the Platinum version after I sold my VHS and Perfect Collection. I’ll be stopping right there, thank you very much.

    Nice Wii reference. I’ll be getting one of those. 😉

    Comment by KT Kore — May 18, 2006 #

  4. Last I heard, ADV had raised about half the money required to fund the EVA live-action movie. What they’re doing now is anyone’s guess, but hopefully they’re actually moving forward with production. One can only hope though…

    Comment by Michael — May 18, 2006 #

  5. According to Matt Greenfield at a recent convention, he plans to have an “A list” director signed up by the end of the year. Apparently several directors came to ADV about the project, not the other way around. And apparently they’re fans.

    Comment by KT Kore — May 18, 2006 #

  6. Wasn’t something like this inevitable? Both ADV and Gainax pimp Evangelion for all it’s worth, the latter even more. The one thing I don’t understand is why people pick on ADV more than Gainax, which has been known to slap the Evangelion logo on just about anything the company thinks has a remote chance of selling because of gullible fanboys/otaku.

    So it’s just a deluxe boxset of Platiunum/Renewal release… whoopty do. On the 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversary of Evangelion we all can expect Gaianx to release the retrospective, ultra, and uber cuts of Evangelion respectively. Perhaps they’ll just remake the series to correct the show’s numerous animation and writing flaws.

    Comment by nooneofconsequence — May 18, 2006 #

  7. And don’t forget that you have the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD versions to look forward to as well. Gambatte!

    Comment by Crayotic Rockwell — May 18, 2006 #

  8. Crusader: what?

    Nooneofconsequence: Platinum was finished 13 months ago, and the thin pack was released a scant seven months back. Which is not really the point, which is this: Evangelion has already received a tenth anniversary release. You can’t commemorate your tenth anniversary twice, unless somehow Gainax divorced and remarried Evangelion somewhere along the way, which still makes one of these anniversaries fraudulent.

    Which brings me to Crayotic Rockwell: exactly. It is too late in the life of the DVD format to rerelease old series for it. Which will inspire me for another post …

    Comment by Alex — May 18, 2006 #

  9. Alex: Go through either ADV’s press releases, http://www.animeondvd.com/news/pr.php?pr_view=336, or the company’s web page listing, http://www.advfilms.com/CatalogFilms_Detail.asp?ID=4313, and you will notice that ADV never refers to the Platinum release as a 10th Anniversary release. So from a marketing point of view they can do this. As for the timing, technically Eva ended its run in 1996 or the tenth anniversary can coincide with when ADV started the VHS release. Back when ADV released the boxset for the original US DVD release they offered two different box designs, a traditional box and Paul Champagne design, which never drew as many complaints as this upcoming release.

    Comment by nooneofconsequence — May 19, 2006 #

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