Yakitate!! Japan – episode 61

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“Kanmuri’s secret! A jam showdown without moral codes!”

Dare I suggest that Yakitate!! Japan is experiencing something of a comeback? This episode featured generally positive Kawachi material and supplied Kanmuri with some history.

The next battle in Yakitate!! 9 is to be held in Shinanomachi. The catches are manifold: jam is to be made rather than bread, the opponent is Kanmuri’s elder half-brother, and if Pantasia loses, Kanmuri must give up his baking dreams and inherit his father’s yakuza family.
On top of that, Azuma contracts acute tonsilitis! What will Kanmuri and Kawachi do?

Wear funny hats, that’s what. Tsutsumi, Kanmuri’s brother, is one of those characters who presents a happy, smiling face to the world but simmers with resentment and hatred beneath the surface. The way that he treats Kanmuri is as a friend, but he has an agenda of subtle undermining and effective psychological welfare.
By contrast, Kanmuri doesn’t seem to have an opinion about Tsutsumi one way or the other: his chief concern is that he does not want to become yakuza. Having lost his confidence means that he has already lost the match. This must be remedied immediately!

My prediction is this: St. Pierre will win, because statistically they must. Hashiguchi, the yakuza boss, will be overwhelmed with love for his sons and bring an end to a dynasty. Something like that. All I know for sure is that Hashiguchi doesn’t have a mouth yet he smokes cigars.

Am I the only person in the world freaked out by Kid?

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