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I was made to hit in Tokyooooo

It’s almost literally episode one all over again! I would estimate that this episode contains roughly 10% new animation.

Pink Nana’s voice over says “Hey, Nana, do you remember when we first met?”. Then she recounts the events of the first episode to us, with a couple of extra scenes and Pink Nana’s preamble taken out.

I have no idea what the plan is for this show, or how many episodes it is supposed to contain. I am also not entirely certain what purpose recounting the first episode in the sixth episode, revealing that we have had no forward plot development since the beginning.
Sure, I liked this episode because the first episode was good, but … maybe we could have done it from Black Nana’s side or something? I don’t know.

I suppose that when Pink Nana says “I told you so much that night, and asked nothing about you … but now that I know you better, I know you would not have said anything at all,” she wasn’t lying. Presenting this episode as a “recollection” means that we don’t know anything of the one day that Black Nana has had in Tokyo so far. She was probably doing something boring, like looking for apartments that weren’t the fated apartment.
Still! This episode only works because it has been five weeks since the series started, and five weeks since anything happened.

Well, what can I really say? Nothing that I haven’t already said, with the exception of the fact that some of the things that Kyosuke and Junko says indicate that Shouji might be the slightest bit dodgy. On top of that, while it is unreasonable for Pink Nana to expect these three friends to support her, Junko and Shouji have drifted from her something fierce and simply have no patience.
‘fy’ask me, Pink Nana deserves just the tiniest bit of respect.

So next week we finally get to the plot progression! I know these characters thoroughly now, and I want to see how they get along together! This show is, after all, supposed to be about the friendship between two girls from different backgrounds, brought together by fate to share an apartment.

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