Utawarerumono – episode 5

May 10, 2006 on 10:58 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The Daughter of the Forest”

Okay, what the heckfire was up with this? There were a couple of inexplicable “comedy” scenes, a deus ex machina situation and … Mukuru has become Chewbacca.
The actual plot building was good, but … nothing can prepare you for the terror of Mukuru attempting to breastfeed from Eruruu. I knew it was coming beforehand, and I was still freaked out of my mind.

Oboro pledges himself to Hakuoro, who tries to get the surrounding villages onside. Hakuoro finds that Emperor Inkara has commanded Nuwangi to destroy a village and, well … it’s on now.

Mukuru has become huge, which makes his “cute mascot” stupid antics more incomprehensible. I really hate the teaming of Aruruu and Mukuru simply because it has so much room for terrible error leading to fans exploding with perverse joy. I understand that this came from an H game, but all of the bizarreness feels out of place in what is really standard issue anime. The only positive aspect of the antics scenes is that Eruruu is hilarious when she’s angry.

The episode made me think that I could never side with Benawi, but it turns out I was wrong. I find it hard to believe that Hakuoro would suck so bad in a fight against Benawi, particularly when Benawi was holding back. Using Mukuru as a deus ex machina is a way of depicting the beast’s strength, but it makes the whole excursion feel much cheaper.

On a more positive side, Nuwangi is going down the long and winding road to pure psychosis, which is to be celebrated. He is pretty much responsible for this whole situation at the moment, the fool. Government leaders who decide that they are the country and the citizens are mere decorations have got another thing coming.

So, yeah … breast feeding white tiger gods. No.


  1. hey i forget….which character pic did you put here on google images?

    Comment by Jamison — August 28, 2006 #

  2. Hey People I just finished up to episode 24 and I must say 22 mind fucks me. This anime is the shit, I felt it was weird and that there was something about it that I had to watch it. This anime may give an odd feeling in the first few episode, But really keeps it moving as far as war type battles… I hope it takes another few years to finish

    Comment by Do$eR — September 22, 2006 #

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