Digimon Savers – episode 5

May 10, 2006 on 10:55 pm | In Digimon Savers | 1 Comment

“Break into the Digital World! Dorimogemon’s trap!”

As I predicted, adversity breeds friendship between a rich boy and a boy with a burning spirit. The world smiles down upon this world of Digimon.

Masaru arrives at DATS only to find that Touma had the same idea as him. They eventually meet up in the digital world and proceed to battle Dorimogemon.

In the tunnels is where their comradeship is settled – a comradeship between men! Manly men! (this is your cue to start writing, girls).
This bonding came as no surprise, as it mostly had to rise through Touma learning to respect Masaru’s manner and his humble origins. Masaru is the sort of character who reacts to what is thrown at him, and is thus unlikely to dislike someone unless they go out of their way to piss him off. His sense of propriety overflows into this situation, opening the door for Touma to be sensible.

As for the battling, it was a fairly interesting use of techniques, but I am unconvinced that Dorimogemon actually evolves into Digmon. Digmon was formed from that other digimon, way back in Digimon Adventure 02. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

The real surprise of this episode is that at certain points it displayed actual comic timing and was generally enjoyable on a level higher than “look at this, it’s Digimon“. There’s still too much emphasis on people who wear dark glasses in lightless rooms at 1AM, but that will probably come clean in the end.

So now that we’ve eliminated the conflict between Touma and Masaru, whose opposing styles now complement each other, what do we have to look forward to? A falling out between Masaru and Agumon! Great.

Oh, and if you consider it for even a second, Agumon and Gaomon’s heads are freaking huge – as big as Masaru and Touma’s torsos.

1 Comment

  1. Digimon in this series aren’t digivolving into their correct forms, Digmon comes from Armadillomon from the second season. He was the partner to Cody (lori). Hope this helps!

    Comment by Monica — June 2, 2006 #

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