Yakitate!! Japan – The Special of Love and Friendship (episodes 59 and 60)

May 2, 2006 on 9:50 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 3 Comments

“Nin nin nin!! My way of the ninja, dattebayo!” and “I hate all things twisted!! Kai and Monica’s two-person tripod!”

The bread ninja come to town. Will Pantasia never lose? Because at 4/9 they really only need one more match to come out on top and next episode’s stakes are too high for Pantasia to afford a loss.

The St. Pierre challengers are bread ninja: a poorly disguised Suwabara and Monica. Their challenge is to make a bent bread in Oomagari.

Strange moralising is afoot here, with the way of the warrior being dismissed as irresponsible. I suppose that love is the key again. Suwabara’s seppuku decision was funny, particularly as he attributed these feelings to all of the men of Japan, but he apparently doesn’t understand the rules of conception.

When Azuma makes a bread so good that if Kuroyanagi were to eat it “all the bones in his body would break and he’d die”, happy times are afoot.

But lose for once, you Yakitate!! 9ers! One more and you’re on top!


  1. Well, we’ve had samurai cooks (Iron Chef) so I shouldn’t be surprised by ninja cooks.

    Is that a leek that guy is swinging?

    Comment by Steven Den Beste — May 3, 2006 #

  2. Suwabara is wielding a bent leek, because that is the specialty of Oomagari (which, as it turns out, means “bent”).
    He’s dressed as a ninja so that the Pantasia team won’t fear going all out.

    Comment by Alex — May 3, 2006 #

  3. I really think those disguises are extremely poor. But i love it that Kai and Monica are serious about their relationship.

    Comment by Nadine Ip — March 19, 2008 #

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