Digimon Savers – episode 4

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“New team, first mission! Chase Drimogemon!”

I can’t exactly pretend that Digimon Savers is particularly good anime yet, and I have to admit that I am actually enjoying listening to just how uninspired a lot of the voice work is in this show.
The ending is promising, however, as it implies the major change in the program’s operation.

Touma and Masaru go on their first mission as a team, and they mess it up. Raramon has to use nuts shoot to defeat Numemon, leaving the pair in a spiral of shame. Shortly thereafter, Drimogemon materialises in a bank and helps some robbers drill their way to freedom.
Due to their continued incompetence, Touma and Masaru allow Drimogemon to get away. Touma shall commit the ultimate treason to catch his quarry!

Touma and Masaru are relatively quick thinkers and resourceful battlers, but their thoughts come from different places: combining them without co-ordinating them is a tragedy of mismanagement. The differences between the characters are further emphasised by an extremely obvious scene that shows Touma to be surprised and “hurt” by Masaru’s close family life. I suppose that if you raise yourself as a loner rich kid, that’s what you’re going to be: your only friend your butler who waits outside your shower with a towel, and a digimon that’s more of a slave than a companion.

The conclusion of the episode introduces the concept of the Digital Dive: the way that people can go to the Digital World. Everyone knows that the best stuff happens in the Digital World, so that’s going to be good. I quite liked the suggestion that Drimogemon might rally other digimon around him in order to take on the natural order of things.

In summary, Raramon’s attacks are stupid and Yoshino spends her time alone at DATS poring over cat magazines. It’s a high tech scene, the night shift at DATS. Oh, you want a real conclusion? A change in location for a Digimon series is always a change for the better or the worse; normally it’s a kick into high gear. So start being genuinely good, Digimon Savers, and not a throwback to my ancient history.

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