Zegapain – episode 3

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“Deftera Area”

Ahhhhh, Zegapain
Fly me to the music

And so Zegapain goes off-model and delivers more cryptic messages to the audience and makes Kyo’s existence even more ambiguous. Good work.

Cerebrum has altered time once more: the game “Pain of Zega” has been released on the market and is ingrained in the minds of all but Kyo. It turns out from this game that an elaborately named group of enemies are trying to destroy the world by creating “deftera areas”, where no human life can survive.
Plus Ryoko and Shizuno have an offmodel conversation in the street.

This episode was only marginally interesting because it didn’t offer much; I don’t really consider tossing words that don’t mean anything in reality onto the table as exposition. What I have noticed is strange non-translations in the subtitles. On the less important side, the subs here didn’t mention that Kyoko was up late last night working on post-production – just that she had been out. On the more important side, there was no mention of the fact that “Pain of Zega” is set forty years in the future (Kyo’s future, not ours).

Actually, there was one real highlight: Minato’s reaction to the commander’s statement “Cerebrum does not care if we lose our soldiers in battle”. I was surprised both by his coldness and by her concern.

Why does the future always look to the past for robot pilots? I suppose I could pilot a mean Mazinger Z …

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