Kiba – episode 4

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“Resolution of the Wind”

Here we get more unimpressive, with a tournament and magical cosplay.

Dumus is to be punished for harboring all of those Jimoto Empiricists; he is to have his land and property stripped away in one month’s time. In between that is the Joust, an ancient tradition of Tempura.
At the same time, Zed realises that Robés is one dodgy bastard.

I found it ironic that all of the Jimoto recoverers were slain: if that was always going to be the outcome, given human nature, one might have expected Dumus to have just killed them in the first place or not have bothered to offer sanctuary. There is, after all, no point in offering sanctuary to ungrateful bastards.
This suggests to me that Dumus may have deliberately thrown everything away, perhaps so he could go on wild countryside adventures with Zed.

It was good to see what that suspicious mask meant, but the presence of Noah in this episode shines a light on no one. The shard battles were only marginally interesting, so the novelty may be running out on that point.

Yet what is the benefit of a vicious, untamed wind spirit? I demand everyone goes fugitive so that we may learn the truth!

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