Nana – episode 3

April 25, 2006 on 11:10 pm | In Nana | 1 Comment

I need your loooooveeee
Like a broken roooooossseee

Better, warmer. I’m not sure if that’s because I knew it wouldn’t be Nana and Nana antics, or simply because Pink Nana didn’t do so much bouncing off the walls. I’m going for the idea that the Pink Nana on display here is slightly more mature than the Pink Nana who began community college.

Pink Nana hangs out more and more with Shouji, choosing to ignore his feelings to maintain their friendship. Come the summer time break, they decide to go to the beach, which leads to the decision to try out for Tokyo Art Schools.
Pink Nana and Shouji have a fight, which leads to Pink Nana meeting Asano-san, quite by chance.

Can one really blame Shouji for his outburst at Pink Nana? If I was in that sort of relationship, I would be as frustrated as all get out. Pink Nana is an incredibly selfish character who everyone goes out of their way to placate. The frankness that Shouji began to take in his dealings with her was commendable in a field that normally has people dancing around their true emotions; similarly, the no-strings-attached meeting that Pink Nana had with Asano-san was enjoyable and the ultimate symbol of her having moved on.

It’s actually kind of weird that we’re switching to Black Nana at this point, because it’s not quite been explained how Pink Nana actually made the decision to stay in her hometown and work for a year before moving to Tokyo. Her knee-jerk flip decisions are certainly confusing.

This episode featured characters reacting to Pink Nana in reasonable ways, and Pink Nana finally growing up a little bit. I believe that I can finally begin to feel for the character again, so that’s cool. Next stop: baldy!

1 Comment

  1. Definitely my favorite scene in the NANA series is when Hachi meets Asano again in Tokyo – we don’t see this level of maturity expressed again for quite some time. Since the last time I commented on this series, I’ve gone and read the NANA manga up to volume 14, and I have to say that it does get a lot better. Not only that, but we get to see a great deal more interaction between the characters. I think the most suprising thing in all this is that…

    …and this is just a theme spoiler (not a plot spoiler)…

    Hachi becomes the most mature, selfless character in the series. Surprising, but true. I hope we’ll get to see her come to that point in the anime, but in the manga at least, it’s a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overly selfish cast of characters.

    Comment by Michael — April 26, 2006 #

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