Utawarerumono – episode 2

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“The Violent King of the Forest”

Yep, that king of the forest sure is violent, all right. I don’t know why I was reluctant to watch this second episode, because it actually turned out to be quite compelling. I suppose that I’m slowly getting over the animal people and coming to enjoy a story of man’s uneasy symbiosis with religion.

Jibun graduates to being called “An-chan”, and formulates a plan to destroy Mutikapa and end her terror. Due to the success of this plan, the village elder bestows upon him the name of “Hakuoro”, that of her deceased son and the father of Eruruu and Aruruu.

It’s good that Hakuoro has a name now, because that makes life much easier for everyone. The strength of this episode was making Hakuoro a vital part of the community, beloved by all due to his resourcefulness. I also quite liked the characterisation of Teoro, or “oyaji-san”. He’s quite simple, but his broad strokes are nice.

I’m going to have to read more into the legends of forest guardians, because there must be something in the “god cubs” that are featured here and in other fare along the lines of Orphen. The cyclical nature of this system – particularly against the genocidal system of Princess Mononoke – is symbolic of the replication of life and society itself.

I was struck by the potential for an epic saga that this program has when I watched the OP; I mustn’t have been paying much attention the first time around. I’m going to stick with this because I’ve finally realised its potential; I think it’s going to be a travelling party sort of anime, particularly with its RPG roots, but I’m okay with that.
I just hope that it
a) keeps on rocking
b) the internet doesn’t go crazy over the perceived cuteness of humanoids that have any variety of fur on their bodies.

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