Kiba – episode 2

April 12, 2006 on 7:10 pm | In Kiba | 3 Comments

“New World”

Hooray for violence! People have complained about this second episode but Zed’s attitude is the consistently flawed and frustrating one of a world traveler so I don’t yet mind that much.

Kiba wakes up in front of Jiko and Roia only to run away from them. The people in the country of Tempura are suspicious of someone with such outlandish clothes as Zed, and so he gets into trouble with the law.
Jiko saves Zed and gives him a sword, which he then proceeds to use to get into trouble with the law. Jiko then saves Zed again, who this time takes Roia with him. They’re challenged by a spirit stealer and blood is spilled.

Zed is such an impulsive character that it’s easy to see why someone would hate him. Logic does not take a holiday in this series so much as it does in the mind of Zed. Instead of trying to blend in or to explain himself, he sticks out and fights when talked to. He is wise that way.

The juxtaposition of the industrial dystopia of Calm with the fantasy setting of Tempura make the show interesting in a way that I thought it wouldn’t be; the fact of the matter is that Tempura is not just a different country, but a different world. There they have the wind.

I think I still like Kiba, but in instances of hope I’ve learned to grow some sort of patience for the stupidity of characters. Henceforth Zed will have Roia to keep him in line, so this might remain good. I’m not giving up on it yet, at any rate.


  1. omg the girl had a weak ass spirit >_>

    Comment by sorata04 — April 13, 2006 #

  2. Is there any chance that the anime show Kiba is on dvd and where could I find it, please I really like this show.

    Comment by robert — June 10, 2006 #

  3. it is

    Comment by wizier — March 4, 2009 #

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