Binchou-tan – episode 7

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“Ramune and Candy Apples Bin”

Binchou-tan ondo! O-bon odori matsuri! With the introduction of the final -tan, this episode is quintessentially Japanese and ignores the problems inherent in Binchou-tan’s world so that she can have a little bit of fun for once.

It’s time for bon odori in Binchou-tan’s village. Chiku-tan and Chikurin get the day off of work, but no such luck for Binchou-tan, who does not arrive until the festival is nearly over. At the festival they meet up with Aloe-tan, a dizzy girl who grows aloe instead of hair. Ren-tan comes along and helps them all out too. Kunugi-tan (the rich -tan) watches the fireworks from her balcony.

This episode is great, and not only because I love episodes of aniem that uphold Japanese tradition. The Aloe-tan scenes are funny – she doesn’t drink water, she pours it on her head – and Ren-tan’s fake fortunes are hilarious.

Sure, we’ve got the idea that Binchou-tan denies herself fun … but it’s not that important this episode. Sometimes a -tan’s just got to cut loose in her world of inexplicable scale.

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