Binchou-tan – episode 6

April 2, 2006 on 2:30 pm | In Binchou-tan | Comments Off on Binchou-tan – episode 6

“Night time Buddhist service bin”

Ren-tan is introduced and her seriousness comes across, quite simply, as hilarious. Also it looks like Binchou-tan is actually set in an earlier era, judging by the cars and TVs.

Binchou-tan goes to work at a temple for the day. She also sees Pukashuu get into serious danger on TV, but doesn’t get to finish the episode.
Binchou-tan’s not important, though: this episode serves to introduce Ren-tan, granddaughter of the temple’s caretaker. She’s dedicated to her work, and to odango.

Watching Ren-tan beat the mokugyo to pay homage was hilarious because of the blank expression on her face. Because she’s a –tan, she has become endowed with a natural comedy that shone through in the “ghost” scenes.

A good episode of incidental –tan adventures.

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