Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

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Now this is some nice Gundam Wing. The TV series was at times protracted; almost to balance, this three episode OVA at times feels contracted. However, it’s highly enjoyable at almost all times.

One year after the conclusion of the television series, everyone is at peace. Except for some upstarts who came from nowhere – as it always seems to go with Wing. They kidnap Relena, who still holds influence from her day as Queen, and say “Wahahahaha! We shall be the rulers of the universe with our puppet figurehead!”
Endless Waltz also details the original plan for Project Meteor and displays requests made to Izubuchi Yutaka for fetishistic uniforms.

A taut, eighty minute story follows. Very little time is wasted. There’s about three minutes of “peace”, then Relena’s “Hey, why am I the only one drinking tea?” scene comes up. Incidental events, like the conquering of Earth, are relegated to the ED animation. The story is good, and questions about White Fang and Operation Meteor are answered satisfactorily. Wu Fei at one point seems like nothing more than an obstacle created for narrative difficulty purposes, but generally everything is happy. Perhaps the character can rise above his cliché Hemingway existence. We’ll never know, but we can happily assume so.

Oddly, all of the characters get a conclusion except for Heero; even Wu Fei, who probably deserves it the least, has his own place. Heero, being “the heart of the universe” will always keep on beating the worn paths or something. Heck, even the dead characters from the Wing series get further conclusions.

The animation is awfully pretty, with excellent explosions. The Gundams have slight redesigns, with the exception of the Wing Zero, which has actual feathery wings. These stylistic changes don’t make narrative sense, but there’s not a lot that can be done. Everyone looks fundamentally the same, but just that much nicer. The “mysterious man” (given away by his credit! And his voice! And the totally obvious nature of it all) looks truly marvellous. The colours are more vibrant than the television series, and that makes most of the difference.
The only scary thing about it is the uniforms that the “Barton Youth” have to wear. Trowa and Wu Fei look like scouts in these uniforms … short shorts, odd ties … it’s shudder inducing.

There’s also a movie version, but it was not released in Australia. The OVA form was nice, as the EDs used the classic method of furthering the story. The Endless Waltz OVA is a nice addition to the end of the Gundam Wing series with excellent animation and wonderful followups on all of my favourite characters.
A fitting end to the franchise that features few of the flaws of the television series … and fortunately only one resurrection.
It’s still hard to grasp that the series and the follow up OVAs came from the same years as Evangelion.

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