Rescue Wings – episode 5

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“Title pending”

Another good episode that is a little too neat in its platitudes and some of its framing, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Training reveals Uchida to be entirely too cautious for a business in which time equals lives. As a result, Hongo enrols Uchida in one of the medics’ training courses to toughen his character.

There was nothing special about this episode, per se. It was good to see that Uchida is properly communicating with Megumi (albeit through text messages), and that he was sufficiently humbled. The humour in this series is not laboured at all, and I get the natural feeling of co-workers from all of these people.
While I kind of doubt the wisdom of medics getting drunk at night on one of their training missions, I’m probably not qualified to speak on that; at any rate, the conversations had in this scene were good for team and character building.

The complaints that I have about Rescue Wings are not really fair, given that this is a drama and has to be contrived in at least some respects. I think that a situation arising that required Uchida to rethink that which held him up at training was tacky, but it was certainly inevitable. The thing is it’s better for characters to just have a situation and have to respond to it rather than having situations analogous with prior events.
The other issue, that I think I can take issue with, is the fact that the helicopter flies off into the sunset at the end of its mission. It looks nice, but please.

My misgivings are negligible in this show. Still super recommended.

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