Good news all around!

March 15, 2006 on 6:19 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Good news all around!

I hadn’t bothered to watch last week’s Bleach because C21 had been spreading vague words of its licencing. This press release from Viz leaves me no doubts as to its being licenced and so … goodbye, Ichigo and Kon! You’ve sure been … good to me!

The other good news is that I forgot that Anime Pilgrimage celebrated its two year anniversary last Wednesday. To retaliate I’ve transferred to WordPress because Movable Type was really starting to grind my gears. Into the deal I’ve even posted an aboot page featuring an eighteen month old photo of me standing next to a really, really tall man.
(don’t worry about the layout; I’ll make it cooler given some time)

There is no need to adjust your links; you may have to change your aggregation, though. I’ll get right on that. (Did anyone notice that blog好き rocks out this whole corner of the inter nets?)

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