Yakitate!! Japan – episode 55

March 13, 2006 on 5:31 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 1 Comment

“Awaken!! Super Kuroyanagi!”

Boring DBZ parody and too much putting down of Kawachi makes for a fairly uninteresting episode of Yakitate!! Japan.

Did you know? This episode actually aired in Japan in November 2005!

Azuma takes Kawachi’s “crappy bread” and makes it into chawanmushi pan. Tsubodzuka makes a kind of tuna pizza bread. Kuroyanagi eats both and becomes Super Kuroyanagi, and the colour design of Yakitate!! Japan goes down several notches as a result.

This is a very simple episode of Yakitate!! Japan, devoted entirely to judging, explanation of the magic used in the baking of both breads, and putting down Kawachi.

Tsubodzuka’s explanation of the tough world of being a cooking idol was vaguely entertaining because he dressed as a tanuki, but his arrogance became grating very quickly and he was, temporarily, a bad sport about the whole competition.

Super Kuroyanagi is really nothing short of ugly; someone should have realised that Super Saiyanism destroyed any vibrancy of colour that was once inherent in Dragon Ball Z, because that is precisely the outcome here. Combine a shot of Super Kuroyanagi with some of the least inspired Azuma SD ever to come out of this show, and you don’t have much to look at at all.

Yakitate!! Japan is at its very worst when it has to wring laughs out of being mean to Kawachi. I don’t think that being mean to Kawachi is funny at all, and I really miss the strength that his character used to hold. Yakitate!! Japan is supposed to be about a team of bakers, baking to win the ultimate battle against evil. Reinstate Kawachi on the team as a genuine member, and then perhaps we can all learn to love bread again.

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  1. aww you found it boring? I thought it was funny (in the manga >___

    Comment by Kim — March 14, 2006 #

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