HanTsuki – episode 5

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“One Stopped Minute”

Too much of this show makes no sense of any variety. Enclosed you will find bizarre seduction, weak justification of bastardry and, unsurprisingly, more violence than ever before seen in a hospital show!

Slight spoilers

After her attack, Rika is not allowed any visitors. Naturally this causes Natsume to accuse Yuuichi of being a harasser. In a daze Yuuichi hits the streets, where he is picked up by Akiko’s friend Misako, who promptly attempts to seduce him.
After being “rescued” by Akiko, Yuuichi waits as Rika undergoes surgery.

I can’t be the only one who didn’t understand Misako’s seduction scene at all. Along with Yamato in Suzuka, Yuuichi is terrible at reading signs. It is not until Misako starts unbuttoning Yuuichi’s pants that he realises that she is, in fact, intending to have sex with him.
This is after she has stripped down to her underpants and made out with him, of course. Yuuichi is a genius! Apart from showing Yuuichi’s detachment from his own life – in that now it is defined by Rika, and he’s not allowed near her – I didn’t understand this at all. Misako’s actions make no sense, beyond the “boob cam” advantage that Yuuichi’s POV afforded. This is a show where fan service is illogical – and the production values are so blurry it wouldn’t mean anything anyway.

Beyond this we’re given an explanation as to Natsume’s bastardry. I still don’t like him and, given that there is only one episode left, I never will. His behaviour is far too irrational and uncontrolled for anyone to really see anything in him other than his egocentrism that prevents him from doing a good job. The scene with him naked in a bed with someone didn’t make much sense either, lacking as it was in context.

There is a tiny scene devoted to Rika and Yuuichi, and it is very good indeed. The problem with HanTsuki is that it has the seeds of a good idea and nice characterisation, drowned beneath an ocean of general unpleasantness and a merciless blur.

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