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“First Job”

Before I begin, I have to digress. Am I the only one who, just looking at the title, is forced to sing “Take/ these Rescue Wings/ and learn to fly again”?
Rescue Wings is the not-very-pretty new series from J.C. Staff. It’s early days yet, and that TV Tokyo watermark really annoys me, but things are looking okay.

In this first episode, Uchida Kazuhiro moves to Komatsu so that he may begin his service in the Rescue Division of the Komatsu Air Force; he will be piloting a helicopter. The first half of the episode deals with his moving into his new apartment and playing phone-tag with his friend Megumi. The second half involves him meeting new people on the base.
Essentially it’s one of those orientation episodes literally composed of the main character simply walking around and seeing new things.

Rescue Wings’ initial conflict is that of Uchida’s reluctance to take up a job in the rescue service (his first preference was to take on a fighter), and his run in with “oni-gunsou” Hongo, who can smell misgivings. The plot is spiced up with the introduction of an Earthquake at the end, which is not too far fetched a scenario for a first episode, given its geography.

The series has an odd feeling of emptiness to it; it’s most obvious in the scenes in which Uchida speaks into an answering machine, but even a scene consisting of three people drinking coffee is made to feel distant by long shots in large rooms, coupled with a distinct lack of music.

The character designs are lacklustre, but the planes and helicopters are nice enough looking CG. Generally I don’t watch the right kind of series that contain blended CG – the last I can remember is Vandread – but I can take this much better than what little I saw of, say, Burst Angel. However, having not seen any real action scenes, I can’t be entirely certain.
I know it sounds like I’m not taking this seriously at all, but the ED is so specific to the “Rescue Wings” theme and so insanely earnest that I couldn’t help thinking of the theme of Armageddon.

Rescue Wings is fairly promising, with a naturally slow start. I think it’s safe to say that it can be worked around.

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  1. It will get better. Trust me (^_^) These shows always start slow.

    I thought the colonel was called “Hongou”!

    Comment by Mohammad — March 7, 2006 #

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