Bleach – episode 66

February 11, 2006 on 5:02 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 66

Ririn is incredibly ugly and subjects Ishida, Ichigo and Renji to an ultimately pointless puzzle. The story is fairly lame, but Kon saves the episode and makes it close to entertainment. I don’t “grade” episodes, or anything else for that matter, but I would give this episode “not bad”.

Ichigo and company are summoned to Karakura museum to rescue Chad and Orihime. There they are trapped in a maze and only Ishida is smart enough to figure it out; he’s also smart enough to foresee plot twists that Ichigo and Renji couldn’t hope to catch.

This episode actually featured some funny animation besides the ugly characters, and Kon is always entertaining. While some of Ishida’s logic is far too obvious (“It’s impossible for this museum to be physically infinite!”), it’s made up for in other places. All of this is capped by a remarkably stereotypical view of the women of Soul Society; they like to make fluffy toys and touch up their lipstick in their spare time.

This set of enemies is fairly lame; they play by arbitrary rules and their “threats” are so shallow that one would be hard pressed to be intimidated by them. The preview for the next episode implies some Soul Society action, so maybe that’s worth looking forward to.

(yes, I realise that these enemies are red herrings: that’s what the ED implies, at any rate).

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