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February 1, 2006 on 11:53 pm | In Monster | 2 Comments

“The Real Monster”

So, who is the real monster? This was the epilogue I hoped for, but what a leading ending!

Spoilers abound in Monster town

An epilogue episode. Everyone in the show is set in their place, even people who were important only very briefly. We learn the true reason behind monstrosity. All is right with the world … or not quite.

So I shouldn’t give away the whole thing; I won’t. Ultimately almost everyone still living has had some sort of positive ending. Highlights included Lunge honouring the dead and forging a relationship with his daughter (he appears to accept that his wife has moved on), and Nina returning to her normal life, as the orphaned daughter of the Fortners. As that was the most comfortable part of her life, it’s natural that she would return to it. Before Tenma came in, she wasn’t even aware of just how messed up her history was.

I suppose that what I liked most about this episode is that it revealed that the characters of Monster have formed a network of friends for life. This is one of the few positive aspects of the legacy of Johan. The sheer volume of characters was more than adequately examined over the course of this episode, and for that reason I’ve not restrained myself with images this time around.

Nothing really prepared me for the ultimate memory; the final meeting of the minds. What does it mean in the final seconds? Monster was a huge undertaking, a journey across decades and, it seems, three years in the pursuit of a grown Johan.
Monster easily produced some of my favourite anime moments, and I will forever hold it dearly. Such taut thrills and intricate mysteries don’t come along too often, so for this opportunity I am grateful.

Maybe I’ll go more intense later. Monster is worth the devotion.


  1. I agree whole heartedly. My emotions were never stirred so vigorously as it was in Monster. I think this is a much more mature and intellectual anime with so much realism and connections. It’s like you can understand completely how Tenma felt, how Nina felt and you don’t feel at all as if they are fictional. It’s like watching the history of something that really happened. It’s incredible. The only thing that bothered me was the ending? Is Johan his real name and has he changed in repenting his actions? Do you think he has hatred towards his mother that he might want to kill her? Where is he off to? I feel that there is so many unanswered questions that I am sure I can play over answers in my head. They did end it beautifully but I would like more.

    Comment by haana — June 6, 2006 #

  2. hi im writing this because i want to say that this was the serie who changed my life, it gave me some unique moments that i have never experienced
    Since the first episode i learned something unique:

    Be carefull what you wish for, what words do you say.

    Don’t let the rage takes you completely, see every single bad moment, bad experience of your life positive, don’t hate it, it has to be like this because it’s your path in life your propose of being here, we are here to see, understand, and finished our destiny. It doesn’t matter what time, what moment or what place on your life, you will see it.

    If you asked some day why i am living this, why this happened to me? Its because it’s meant to be like this. Since you born you have a special propose, a special mission, things you have to learn, you have to complete a task in your live.

    This is what make us unique.
    Our essencial steps that we make in our life.

    Monster goes into the characters perspective, it goes with tenma, nina, johan life. And how it changed completely.

    All learned many personal things, that changed them their life.

    In my opinion, Monster is the name of what a person could become, when rage takes us. Where does it come? who knows maybe from outside that we let it come, like a bad energy that we swallow for a couple of minutes and change us our personality.

    thanks to all.

    Comment by alberto — January 3, 2007 #

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