Monster – episode 69

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“A peaceful home”

It begins in earnest. “A peaceful home” is the beginning of the storm, assuring us that next episode all Hell will break loose.
Several thousand interesting concepts surface over the course of this story: the perfect suicide.

“A peaceful home” operates on two fronts: that of Grimmer and Lunge, and that of Tenma. Tenma’s been getting around a lot.

Lunge tells Grimmer that paranoia and a single gun can destroy an entire town. A mysterious shadowy figure hands out several guns to the townsfolk of Ruhenheim. Several gunshots are heard thereafter. Ruhenheim is truly going down … and with heavy rains setting in, there’s no way out.
Unfortunately for Tenma, this means there’s no way in; after meeting Franz Bonaparta’s son, he has come to the same conclusion as Lunge.

Monster is firing on the cylinders of tension. It’s amazing how a relatively crime free small town can be swallowed by the grips of paranoia. In the scenes with Wim, one can see how quickly anger can turn to fear. The weirdest aspect of Ruhenheim, however, is that everyone seems just the slightest bit sinister or unhinged; ultimately they’re going to blame the outsiders, even as they self destruct.

The revelations made in this episode are overshadowed by the questions that they pose. The last nine five of Monster are going to be very murky indeed, as there are now so many people acting to make Ruhenheim a bad place and the audience is as yet given no clue who any of them are. It’s one thing to know what a murderer looks like, but this means nothing if you don’t know why they are there.

The most interesting is the potential outcome of Franz Bonaparta; what, now, is the point of the Ruhenheim massacre? What can we expect? Who are these old people?
What’s going on? is the anthem of the downward spiral of Monster. I’ve got no idea, and wouldn’t have it any other way.* Keep the shocks coming.

*Well, obviously I want to be clued in at some point.


  1. Monster is not 78 episodes long. If you want to know how many episodes are, here on the top:

    But if you don’t know when exactly is the end, you’ll be more surprised, don’t you think? I hope you enjoy the ending of this series as muchs as me. 😀

    Comment by anonymous — February 1, 2006 #

  2. Reading that was like having another huge, chilling mystery unveiled before my eyes.

    The end is in sight …

    Comment by Alex — February 1, 2006 #

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