Cardcaptor Sakura – episodes 11 and 12

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Two episodes featuring Tomoyo’s mother in a row. The way that she got around her hatred of Fujitaka to be nice to Sakura was a lovely gesture that shows that she’s not a completely imbalanced individual. The idea that Sakura’s family is quite isolated was odd; that they’re just three people who can not rely on anyone but each other (and, of course, Kero-chan).
Sakura feels loved but also that she doesn’t know much about her father, that Sonomi could actually tell her something was very nice indeed. Although it’s animated in quite a silly way, Sonomi is a pretty emotional character. Unfortunately, her daughter inherited her creepy stalker ways.

“Sakura’s Never Ending Day” was good because it taught children of the dangers of failing to save their role playing games. Kero-chan must have an awful lot of time on his hands. This episode showed the first card that Shaoran caught, but the reason for his ownership provided by the subtitles contradicted the animation. TIME was the most conventional card of them all, and Shaoran is still at the point where he condescends to Sakura with alarming frequency.
Still, enjoyable for all of its Kero-chan antics.

Also, Iwao Junko’s Tomoyo has the highest pitched voice of any character I’ve come across, I believe!

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