The Snow Queen – episode 5

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“The First Road”

At five episodes in six months, I have to wonder why the fansubbers hate me. Still, with Gerda hitting the road at last and already facing terrible adversity there’s little to worry about as far as the quality of the series.

Gerda runs afoul of a traveling salesman by the name of Casper. He tries to rip her off, and when she runs into him in a city she finds that he’s not quite so well equipped to deal with the people who live there. When Gerda finds that all of her money is gone, she asks for the kindly people of the “Salt Brise” hotel to accommodate her in exchange for services rendered.
In the process, everyone learns an important lesson about human decency.

The matte in isn’t supremely heavy, with only two shots employing the technique (and only one really deserving of it). The most notable new aspect of the production is the use of SD for Casper’s tale of the talking suitcase; it was surprising to see and gave a bit of a boost to the whole idea of the series.

The scenes with Kay and the trolls were brief, and I’m not entirely sure I understand the characters; at once they pledge fealty to the Snow Queen, but when she can’t hear them they wonder what their great and mighty queen is thinking. The way that the Snow Queen talks and treats Kay is that kind of caring but total failure to understand the situation that we have come to expect.

Generally good stuff, with a guest voice from Mitsuishi Kotono. That said, I don’t want to wait a month for more.

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