Cardcaptor Sakura – episodes 5 to 10

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Sakura-chan kawaii!
Li-kun hidoi!
(these are the notes I took to jog my memory on these episodes)

The first thing I didn’t like about these DVDs came to light in “Sakura, Panda and the Cute Shop”. I had my suspicions that Mitsuishi Kotono guest starred, but the credits were only attributed to the prime cast. Much as I love my guest seiyuu, the DVDs are very nice otherwise – especially for a series released in the same year, and by the same company, as Battle Athletes Victory.
“Cute Shop” was otherwise a nice episode, although it raises questions about the time/space situation of the cards, and the shop owner’s story was perhaps a touch dramatic, but it had to be a situation that children would be interested in.

“Sakura and Memories of her Mother” was an episode that I contained myself for – and then burst into tears at the last minute. (As yet, however, nothing has matched the crying streak of the final three episodes of Fruits Basket). This episode also revealed more about Toya, who until now had been little more than a mean big brother … and suggested that perhaps magic runs in the family. “Sister complex” was also hilarious … and sweet in an odd way.

The important event was the introduction of Li Shaoran, Sakura’s slightly gay rival and love interest, who will be with the series until the end. At first, he’s an arrogant little sod, and Kero-chan hates him – hilarious finger biting comedy! He blushes around Yukito and loses his motor skills – hilarious vaguely suggestive comedy! He’s cruel to Sakura – that’s just mean.
With a character as surly as Shaoran, there’s only room to grow – and Sakura looks up to him despite himself, because she’s such a friendly character.
Also Shaoran’s introduction allowed the introduction of his foil, Yamazaki (until now you could be forgiven for thinking no boys went to Sakura’s school), who holds many hilarious scenes in future episodes. Compulsive liars are great, when they have someone as ignorant as Shaoran to lead.

Finally, “Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers” suggests that the Daidouji family is just the slightest bit unhealthy. Despite the static nature of the important scenes in this episode, they translated into animation very well. I also got the feeling that any episode about Sakura’s mother will make me sad.
Leave it to Kero-chan is becoming an increasingly great outlet for Hisakawa Aya, with her breathless coverage of Li Shaoran’s traditional clothing a stand out.

Cardcaptor Sakura is amazing because it has so much unrealised potential but has already revealed amazing amounts of its quality. It’s a shining anime, full of levity but with just enough darkness to suggest that Sakura can’t cruise forever.

And I was right about Mitsuishi Kotono.

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