Angel Heart – episode 3

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“The City of XYZ”

The march of time has changed the sweeper business. How can Glass Heart hope to ever get in contact with City Hunter when there is nowhere to write XYZ?

Glass Heart goes to Shibuya station, only to find that she can no longer write the famous call sign of City Hunter. Fainting from the pressure of having no idea why she can get around Shibuya so well, she falls into the arms of Ryo … but of course, Ryo does not recognise the girl.
Meanwhile, upon learning that transplanted hearts have been known to retain the memories of their owners, Glass Heart’s employers begin to worry when they realise that they have stolen the heart of City Hunter’s partner.

Another strongish episode of Angel Heart. Seeing Shibuya station both brought back City Hunter and emphasised just how different this program is; the colour design is so much darker here that Shibuya takes on a much more sinister tone.
I suppose the major difference is that one used to be able to easily forget that Ryo is City Hunter, because all he did was save girls from bees and stuff like that. There’s a lot more death here, so you know that the dangers are actually real. The design helps to reflect this aspect of the series.

The true highlights of this episode were the recounts of Ryo and Kaori’s first kiss, which would fit into the canon of these characters quite understandably; we never have been allowed to see the characters in open romance, and hopefully we can get more glimpses of this aspect of their lives.
The absolute best part was the conversation between Ryo and the doctor which quickly turned from physical impotence to an accusation of being unable to protect the ones you love.
That “impotence” is, to me, the core of Angel Heart‘s concept. The moments where you can see that Ryo is at breaking point make the series for me.

Angel Heart: top notch stuff. It’s like my anime dream come true.

Trivia note: In this episode Ryo uses “mokkori” to mean “erection”. It truly is a multi-purpose word.

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