Mushishi – episode 7

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“The rain falls, a rainbow forms”

I hereby vow not to declare any episodes of any series “the best episode so far”.
Anyway, in this, the best episode of Mushishi so far, Ginko builds a camaraderie with a man who plans to hunt and capture a rainbow in a jar. Excellent stuff.

For five years, Kourou has been chasing the rainbow that captured his father’s life. His story goes that he wants to catch the rainbow and return it to his father, but all is not exactly as it seems. Ginko accompanies Kourou on the journey and they learn about motivations along the way.

This episode is laid back, as Ginko is travelling for leisure. The fact of the matter is that with Kourou’s tale, he is able to make work out of his leisure time and enjoy it. Ginko’s approach to work is that he is fascinated by the mushi. I find that this is exactly the right tack to take in order to enjoy life. The amusing aspect is that the rainbow chasing takes up so much of Ginko’s time that he becomes a roadside mushi artefact seller. There is no clear indication of how much time this episode covers, but one can assume that Ginko and Kourou travel for a long time.

“The rain falls, a rainbow forms” dispatches the out-of-nowhere narrator of the past few episodes and returns Ginko to his rightful role of epilogue narration. I think that the personal touch is the best way to handle Mushishi as it’s the story not just of the mushi but of the people that they affect. You get pretty much a whole story in each episode, and that’s where it works out so well.

Despite the fact that Mushishi is set in an implacable time and is full of the supernatural, I can identify with it very easily. That is why I lean towards loving this show and look forward to each new episode.

I’ll close with this quote from Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief: “… his life seemed to be filled with things that were just like the ghost orchid – wonderful to imagine and easy to fall in love but a little fantastic and fleeting and out of reach.”
If anime can bring me to that – and it does, frequently – then it scores in my heart.

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