Black Cat – episode 8

December 5, 2005 on 2:20 pm | In Black Cat | 2 Comments

“A Traveling Cat”

Six months have passed and Train has become Sven II, although somehow with even less worries than our eyepatched hero. Somehow, I like this direction.

Sven, Eve and Train have been on the road for six months, taking sweeping jobs where they can find them. Meanwhile, Taoists have been causing trouble for Chronos. Genos hires Rinslet to obtain a vial of the liquid that confers the power of Tao to all who drink it. As the “Tao juice” is being distributed to escaped criminals, this is more than slightly problematic.
Naturally, the goals of Rinslet and Sven converge and it’s back on for one and all.

Certainly it’s abrupt to see Train all smiles and sunshine, a tormenting older brother to Eve, but I think that this may have come across better than if Train had been like some sort of half happy sad sack. The potential to grow as shown in episode seven was more than adequate for my tastes, because we would otherwise have been lumbered with several episodes which acted as generic “let’s hunt bounties!” stories. Choosing to continue the story instead, I believe was a good choice.
Also Train’s changed into his bizarre “cat jacket”, so it’s easy to tell the two sides of his character apart.

The interesting part of the criminal system is those who believe that they are innocent, simply because they believe that whatever crime they committed was justifiable. The way that this episode turned out in regards to this was just a little bit psychopathic but entirely understandable, with just that right degree of kick-arseness.

So it’s good to see a slight change in direction, to see that Chronos isn’t the King of Evil, and to generally have fun with Black Cat. Less good is seeing the characters constricted by vines, or wires, or whatever, every week.
Now that’s just nasty.


  1. I love black cat he is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked this episode to.

    Comment by black cat lover — June 18, 2007 #

  2. I love black cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by black cat lover — June 18, 2007 #

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