Bleach – episode 59

November 23, 2005 on 10:39 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 59

The end of one part of the story means the beginning of another! It also appears to mean the total neglect of Yamamoto and company. Still, the expedience of the Byakuya versus Ichigo match wrap up was admirable.

Images beyond cut contain spoilers

This episode allowed for progress, in that it gave Ichigo something horrid to fight within, it gave Byakuya his own, stupid motives, and it set into motion a new plot!

Of course, the casualty is that Byakuya unleashes all sorts of previously undisclosed, super mega attacks. Therefore, all of Ichigo’s past theatrics are rendered rather pointless. I mean, freakin’ ‘ell. At least the aftermath was worthwhile.

When the episode’s not much more than one battle and very little story, you can’t say that much about it. The hidden side of Ichigo should prove to be interesting later on, as it is fairly ambiguous right now, and perhaps Orihime and her pals will some day prove useful …
I suppose I’m saying I’ll continue down the rocky path known as Bleach; I mean, we’ve got to be getting somewhere, right? Right?

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