Black Cat – episode 4

November 8, 2005 on 9:07 pm | In Black Cat | 1 Comment

“A smiling cat”

I’m quite surprised, because now I really like the character of Sven. This episode brings the story to a great head.

This episode is a proper mansion infiltration, with Sven going to save Eve, Rinslet helping Sven while looking for money spinners, and Black Cat being really ambiguous in his motives.

So what’s selling this for me now is Sven: he’s the sort of character who has a dark past and knows how to balance gravity and levity. The way that he handled dealt with Eve in this episode was nothing short of admirable, and I care infinitely more for his character than I do for Black Cat himself.
The other thing I’m really enjoying is that Rinslet is just working with Sven and it seems that that’s the way it’s going to go; over the next few episodes Sven is going to have created a team for himself without having gone to any effort.

This episode is almost free from the weird cinematography that has plagued the last three episodes, except the suit of Eve’s owner is disconcertingly shiny. The most impressive aspect is that a good deal of the action is almost entirely blue; the attention paid to lighting in this program is admirable.

Yeah, Black Cat is “utterly generic”, as Bluwacky aptly puts it. Some of it is laughable. But, with this episode, I’m starting to actively have fun and care for the situations on hand. That’s got to make this worth something.

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  1. go sven xD

    Comment by Kim — November 9, 2005 #

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