Bleach – episode 55

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Well, I’ve started it. I’m not going to bother telling you what Bleach is because everyone on the inter nets knows what it is. I’m not exactly its biggest fan and I don’t know why I’m still watching it, but here I go.

Keep in mind that, given the insanely huge amount of characters, I have to consult an encyclopedia just to write one of these entries; I suffer for my art.

In this episode Ichigo fights Byakuya for a few seconds. That was the cliffhanger of episode 54, so naturally we’re not allowed to see much more of this fight. The action splits off with Yoruichi taking off with Soi Fong and Captains Ukitake and Kyouraku being confronted by Captain Yamamoto.
Exciting stuff … but nothing happens.

My problems with Bleach are manifold; I got kind of excited when Ichigo and company took on Soul Society: problem is that was thirty episodes ago, and they’ve only just got to this point. For more than thirty episodes now, Rukia has been a princess in a tower, which must have been difficult for Okamoto Maya indeed. Rukia has been reduced to someone who complains at people and can’t show gratitude. Now she’s out, I sure as heckfire hope that will change.

Although it is clear that someone deliberately planned chaos in Soul Society, it’s easily the worst society ever. There is so much infighting and hatred among the ranks that it is amazing that they ever get any work done; I would wager that they have not, in fact, got anything done since the intrusion of Ichigo and the world would be in utter chaos if it weren’t for the efforts of the godawful Karakura Superheroes.

There are so many characters and so many fights that the story can’t keep track of them, and some unresolved battles would be far too irrelevant to ever be confused by this point in the story. I’m not kidding when I say that very little happened in this episode, because the majority of it was inexplicably taken up by Captain Yamamoto telling his opponents that talking was over, and now it was time for fighting, and they just did a hell of a lot more talking.

If I can rustle up some character motivation for any of these bastard shinigami running around, and if they can give reason for Ishida, Orihime and Chad being in Soul Society, I’ll be much happier.

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